Doggy daycare

How we can help

Do you leave your dog home alone whilst you're at work?

Do you dread coming home to destruction?

Does your dog need a lot of exercise?

Is your dog in need of socialization?

Our facilities

Cosy indoor puppy/small dog area, equipped with a log burner, a comfortable sofa and bed

Large indoor exercise arena with specialist anti slip and kind on joints flooring, so that your dog can burn off their steam whatever the weather

Outdoor k9 turfed play area, this means that your dogs can stay clean on a wet and muddy day

3 outdoor play areas, each is set out with different interactive equipment to make sure your dog never gets bored and that they are able to be separated into suitable play groups.

Please be aware we ALWAYS have a waiting list

The benefits of doggy daycare

  • Learning Social Cues – If dogs don’t get the proper exposure to other dogs they have a hard time reading them and get into more conflicts. It’s almost like they never learned the canine language
  • I’ve seen many dogs trying to engage another dog that was clearly not interested, however the dog ignored all the subtle warning signs and persisted until he forced the other dog into physical altercation. All because he didn’t recognize the signals the other dog was giving.
  • Exercise – We all know that our dogs need exercise but very few people are actually doing something about it. The problem is usually that we just don’t have the time to exercise our dogs enough and/or we can’t give them the intensity they crave.
  • Early And Consistent Socialization- is the most important thing you can do with young puppies and is critical for their healthy development. The rise of dog reactivity is a direct result of our restrictions on letting dogs interact with one another in a natural way. Our daycare focuses on correct socialization by teaching dogs to just co-exist together.
  • If you want your dog to be social throughout his life, you need to consistently provide him with positive social experience with other dogs.
  • You Get A Break – Having a dog is like having a child – another living thing that is dependent upon you for survival. And it can be an exhausting day to day process (especially if you have a puppy or young dog) when you have to factor in your dog into your already crazy schedule.
  • Sending your dog to daycare gives you a much needed break from the pressure of taking care of your dog for a little while, you don’t have to feel guilty that you’re away and you can just focus on you

Our daily schedule

09:30 am - 10:30 am


Our staff will be on their way to collect your dog from your home or workplace. We have keys for most of our dogs so that you can go to work stress free knowing that we will be there to collect and drop off your dog.

10:30 am - 12:00 am

Enrichment (scent work) & Free play

During this hour and a half our dogs are walked calmly one, by, one out of the vans and into the centre, this instils good manners, even under excitement!. Once in the fields your dog embarks on a treat hunt with their friends and when all the treats have been sniffed out, play time begins. Your dog will participate with their friends in chasing games, wrestling, climbing, tunnel running and general socialization, all under the constant supervision of our qualified staff,

12:00 am - 12:30 am


After an hour and a half of mental stimulation and exercise, its time for your dogs to use their brain. All dogs participate in crate training where they are taught how to settle in a crate, each dog is rewarded for lying down and beginning to unwind. During this time the staff spend 1-2-1 time with individual dogs, carrying out their 1-2-1 training, where they are taught to sit, wait, lie down, heel, place and recall.

12:30 am - 1:30 pm

Nap time & relaxation

Taylor Made keep your dog from getting overstimulated and over tired, by providing nap time. After winding down with crate training, your dog will be ready to settle down and sleep in their conditioned safe place. The crates are covered to ensure a dark and cosy environment and relaxing music is played to ensure your dog gets a good hours sleep.

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Off site walks & Group training

After a well needed rest its time for another hour of fun! dogs are took offsite in small groups for their group walk. The group walk is either off lead on private land or on lead along the country lane. While some of the group are out walking the rest of the dogs enjoy group training where we practise exercises such as: group sits, gate training and recall.

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm


After an hour of intense fun, your dog has half an hour of relaxation in order to bring the groups energy down.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Toy Time

After a quick rest, its time to enjoy toys. Each group is given toys to interact with, we do not throw toys as this creates competition, instead we encourage your dog to use the toys to play tug and chase with their friends.

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Full day drop off

Time to go home and spend evening at leisure with family. Ideally with plenty of cuddles on sofa, and a quick comfort break before bed, to dream all night about the fun had at Taylor Made, and what might be in store tomorrow!!


Full day




Full day






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